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#13 - Building the HR toolkit of the future: The story behind Merge





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Especially in the EU, working and hiring people internationally is extremely important. That does mean that you have to work with a lot of different HR platforms. People becoming more flexible to remote work has created a new customer base that we’re excited to embrace.

Co-founder at Merge

Shensi Ding

About Shensi & Gil

Shensi Ding and Gil Feig are the co-founders of Merge. After graduating Columbia University, both went on to careers in Silicon Valley where they discovered the same issue: headache inducing integrations. Leaving her job as Chief of Staff at Expanse and his as Head of Engineering at Canvas, Shensi and Gil founded Merge in June 2020 to create a Unified API that enables developers to integrate once to add all HRIS, ATS, and accounting integrations. The Merge team is now hard at work in New York City and San Francisco.

Building the HR toolkit of the future: The story behind Merge

At their weekly catchup lunches, lifelong friends Shensi Ding and Gil Teig discovered they were facing similar integration problems across their respective industries. Combining their various experiences (via Expanse & Jumpstart/Canvas), they joined forces in 2020 to create a developer-friendly integrations platform that utilizes one API to integrate with all HR, payroll, recruitment, and accounting platforms. 

With 2020 providing them the opportunity to “focus and to do nothing but work”, Merge was born. In May 2021, they raised $4.5 million in seed funding.

As an integrations platform for product development, developers can with the Merge API to offer a full category of integrations to their customers, allowing Merge to handle the full integrations lifecycle – from an easy initial build, to hand-held end-user onboarding, to fully managed maintenance.

Joining Maddie on The State Of Work today to discuss their founder journey and how API integrations are helping their customers with their HRIS, ATS and accounting integrations, we welcome co-founders Shensi Ding and Gil Teig.


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