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#20 - How investing in leadership training creates a more successful organization





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The basis for most leadership development processes is resilience. Meaning that in order to be able to take care of others, you first need to learn to take care of you.

Co-founder at Mind The Leader

Jenny Jung

About Jenny

Jenny Jung has been working with fast-growing businesses in the digital world for the last decade. Previous roles include VP People & Operations at EyeEm, Portfolio Manager at VC firm Lakestar and COO of Factory Berlin. She consults on organisational development and HR and regularly facilitates offsites and workshops for leadership teams. A certified systemic coach and process supporter, Jenny enjoys working with founders, co-founder groups and executives. She is part of the consultant team at artop GmbH – Affiliate Institute of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

About Anna

Anna Löw has been working with tech startups for the past 8 years and she’s seen the whole bandwidth from startup to corporate. In her work she has built up broad HR experience in different companies, cultures and industries. Currently she works as Head of People Operations for Giant Swarm and is leading the People & Organisational Development function. Anna is a trained and certified systemic coach and mediator. Her consulting work focuses on international recruiting, remote work, agile leadership and personnel development.

How investing in leadership training creates a more successful organization

What does it mean to lead during disruptive and transformative times? What kind of soft skills do today’s leaders need and where can leaders (particularly HR managers) turn to for support?

On today’s episode of The State Of Work, Maddie is joined by MindTheLeader co-founders Jenny Jung and Anna Löw. Jenny and Anna started MindTheLeader to help companies to become successful and resilient organizations and to provide leaders with a range of services including organizational development, training, and systemic coaching. 

Join the conversation as they discuss the role of the organization as a complex living organism, the role of the coach in leadership training, and just what people leaders need in their toolboxes in order to best support their organization and teams.




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