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#2 - Investing in global-first businesses





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I think the world has changed, but also it will always continue to change. And some of these changes are a bit more apparent than others. And in the end, it all comes down to what we make with these changes and how we interact with the challenges that we face.

Entrepreneur, Investor & Founder of Tomahawk.VC

Cédric Waldburger

About Cédric

Cédric Waldburger has been building ventures since he was 14 years old. He’s built and sold companies in the creative, consumer and blockchain space. He has a degree from ETH Zurich in Electrical Engineering and is passionate about tough riddles, great products and the future of financial technology. His VC firm Tomahawk.VC invests in early-stage DeFin and FinTech companies.

Investing in global-first businesses

Cédric Waldburger has always aimed to lead a decentralized life, at one point foregoing a permanent space to call home and owning only 64 worldly possessions. 

His professional experience started young (at 14 he owned and operated a website design business) and over the years, he’s built companies in the agency, consumer and blockchain sectors. Via his venture capital firm Tomahawk.VC, he’s investing in early-stage tech companies and he also co-founded the Silicon Valley unicorn DFINITY. Cédric runs a popular YouTube channel where he regularly shares his insights from investing to his personal philosophies. 

Cédric is a passionate remote-work advocate and has over 12 years of experience working with decentralized teams. He joins host Maddie Duke to share his insights on building a remote work culture, investing in global-first companies, as well as other experimental and lifestyle design tools—such as essentialism—that have helped him along the way. 


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