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#18 - Can HR automation software help to boost employee engagement?





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You really want to find the key driver of the negative culture. And in order to do that, you need to measure.

COO at Kenjo

Francesco Carbone

About Francesco

As COO of Kenjo, HR software for European SMB, Francesco Carbone strongly believes in the potential of HR to bring about positive change in the workplace and within employees. He is passionate about studying what truly drives people and business and believes that the real impact happens at work. Francesco has more than 14 years of professional experience in various international technology companies such as LOVOO, PaulCamper (travel start-up) and the Innovation Hub. He has been involved in their development and growth and has extensive experience in successfully placing innovative start-ups in the market. His speciality is corporate culture and organizational development.

Can HR automation software help to boost employee engagement?

Despite a steady rise over the last decade, the latest Gallup Research indicates that the global pandemic has further hindered employee engagement, with more and more workers reporting higher levels of stress and burnout. What challenges are now facing HR teams and what tools are currently on the market that will not only automate administrative tasks but leave HR teams to work on positive engagement and employee development?

Joining Maddie on The State Of Work is Francesco Carbone, Chief Operating Officer of Kenjo, a SaaS company that specialises in digitising and automating HR processes for small and medium size companies. Kenjo’s main objective is to automate HR administrative tasks, which allows HR people to really focus on growing and nurturing the professional and personal development of their employees.

Maddie and Francesco discuss the importance of measuring employee engagement, what employers can do and are doing to create a positive company culture, employee-driven team building events and how Kenjo is using technology to facilitate these processes across Europe and Latin America.


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