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#44 - How to pick the right payroll solution





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Companies are really starting to rethink what you can do with salaries.

Anita Lettink

HR & Payroll Tech Advisor

About Anita

Anita Lettink is an international keynote speaker, advisor and author. After a global career in HR and payroll consulting and outsourcing, she started her own business to help CHROs and their teams understand how work is changing and what they can do to prepare their employees and companies to thrive.  

Anita has been recognized as a Top 25 Global Thought Leader on the Future of Work and a Top 100 HR Tech Influencer. She is the author of “How to Select Your Next Payroll”. Anita is Partner at Strategic Management Centre and the founder of HRTechRadar.

How to pick the right payroll solution

Today’s episode is all about payroll, and we have a proper expert with us to speak about this super important topic: 

Anita Lettink has helped thousands of HR professionals and people leaders around the world to get ready for the future of work - and that includes advising them on global payroll processes to pay an increasingly remote workforce.

We are talking about how companies can choose a payroll solution that works for them, and what factors could and should influence that decision. Anita also shares how important data and data transparency especially is when it comes to payroll, and explains how to integrate such a solution into existing HR technologies. 




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