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#35 - How to pay your employees in crypto





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We see salaries being paid in cryptocurrencies, as one of the next emerging big themes in the workplace. Workers demand more work flexibility, as well as financial flexibility through innovative salary options.

Head of Partnerships at Mode

Rodrigo Rosa

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo joined Mode as Head of Partnerships in Feb 2021, to help the company in its mission to help accelerate crypto adoption in the UK.  Rodrigo is focused on developing partnerships to maximise the distribution and delivery of Mode’s products.  With the Mode App, UK customers can access crypto through multiple touch-points such as buying Bitcoin, earning Bitcoin Cashback when they shop, or getting part of their salary paid in Bitcoin. 

Prior to Mode, Rodrigo spent almost 3 years at Wise, one of the most prominent Fintechs in Europe and global leaders in digital remittances. Rodrigo began his career at General Motors, where he held multiple roles across marketing, sales, and corporate strategy in the UK and in Germany.

How to pay your employees in crypto

Let’s talk about crypto currency. It’s been the topic of conversation over the last couple of years - and it is more than fair to say that crypto is here to stay. This is also what Rodrigo Rosa believes, who joined our host Sandra from his workation in Lisbon to talk about how to implement crypto currency in your payroll. 

Rodrigo is the Head of Partnerships at Mode, a UK-based company that aims to make Bitcoin mainstream - and that includes enabling employers to pay their workers in crypto currency.

Sandra and Rodrigo talked about the advantages and challenges of a crypto payroll, and how companies can start paying their employees in bitcoin. Rodrigo is very passionate and knowledgeable in this space, and really made it easy to understand a rather complex topic, so we hope you enjoy listening to this episode.


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