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#22 - How to manage payroll for globally distributed teams





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The essence of any payroll is really about timeliness, accuracy, speed, and compliance.

Director at HRmeansbusiness, Author, HRIS & payroll expert

Denis Barnard

About Denis

Denis Barnard is the lead consultant at HRmeansbusiness Ltd and is a recognised practitioner in the field of HR and payroll software selection, successfully working in a wide variety of sectors both UK and international.

In 2009, he launched HRcomparison (now GPAcomparison) the first UK site dedicated exclusively to HR & payroll systems. It continues as the tool of choice for the serious professional. 

In early 2017, he published “Selecting and Implementing HR & payroll software” as a guide to the whole process.

Additionally, he is one of the principals in the All Remotely partnership.

Denis is actively engaged in producing educational recordings, webinars and written material for HR & payroll professionals under the GreenRiver Technology World banner and is presently engaged on writing another book.

How to manage payroll for globally distributed teams

A modern HRIS usually means a cloud-based tool and one that should include a number of HR, financial, payroll and administrative tasks that make day-to-day operations easier and more streamlined for both employer and employees alike. These days more and more companies look for one that supports rapidly growing remote teams as well as a multitude of payroll legislations. 

As technology accelerates to include automation and AI, what does it mean for the current state of payroll? How are companies shortlisting from many providers on offer and how are these providers up-to-date with the ever evolving iterations of remote and distributed teams?

Our guest today on The State Of Work is long standing payroll expert Denis Barnard. Denis is an industry veteran, with over 30 years experience in HR and payroll and also 20 years experience as a remote worker. He heads up HRmeansbusiness and GreenRiver Technology, is a partner at All Remotely, and is also a published author. Along with selecting the right payroll and HR tools, Denis believes that the biggest and most important investment companies should make is in their people and giving them the trust to do their jobs. Join Maddie and Denis for a discussion about the current state of payroll, how to choose the right provider and what challenges lie ahead for both employers and employees as technology continues to accelerate.




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