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#41 - How to make remote work work





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“...remote work is this common denominator that enables companies to be more diverse, more inclusive, to create equal opportunity for more people...”

Iwo Szapar

CEO at remote-how

About Iwo

Iwo Szapar is the CEO of Remote-how, the world's leading marketplace with remote & hybrid work experts, and Co-founder of the Remote-First Institute. Since 2017, he has advised 600+ companies (including Walmart, ING Bank, and Microsoft) to help them optimize their distributed workforce. As a remote work expert, he co-created "Remote-how Academy," - the world's first certification program for remote teams, and co-hosts the annual Remote Future Summit. Iwo wrote the book "Remote Work Is The Way - a guide to making the most of our office-optional future," and was featured in Forbes, BBC, and Business Insider. Over the last five years, Iwo has worked remotely while living in 15 different countries. Iwo is a dog lover, amateur surfer, and DJ. While not working, he reads history books and follows international affairs. In 2022, Iwo co-founded the Remote-First Institute, a not-for-profit organization that is on a mission to promote the remote-first approach.

How to make remote work work

Iwo Szapar has been working remotely pretty much for his entire professional life - and has turned his passion for new work concepts into a career. 

As the founder of Remote-How, he advises and trains thousands of companies on how to make remote and hybrid work work. And as the co-founder of the Remote-First Institute, he is actively working on setting global standards for remote work.

He has a fascinating conversation with our host Sandra about his journey to remote work, why he believes we need global standards and what he would say to Elon Musk to convince him to go remote. We also take a look at what is next and how far remote work could go in the future.


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