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#48 - What does the ideal organization of tomorrow look like?





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I'm talking about the future of work. But I'm really helping them understand the work of now. 

Heather McGowan

Keynote speaker & advisor

About Heather

Future-of-work expert, female keynote speaker and leading strategist Heather E McGowan has helped organizations everywhere, from start-ups to publicly traded Fortune 100 companies, in their mission to navigate this ongoing revolution. Leveraging her background in industrial design, business strategy and academia, Heather helps audiences shift the way they think about the world around them.

Everywhere she goes, clients and audiences are amazed by the way she communicates incredibly complex topics in straightforward, authentic, powerful “light-bulb” moments that are both breathtaking and simple to execute. In short, in a one hour keynote, Heather helps you shift the context around which you navigate— she makes you think differently. 

How to get organizations and their people ready for the future of work

The way we work has changed tremendously over the last couple of years, and so has the way companies and their workforce interact.

Heather McGowan is a keynote speaker and adviser who helps organisations and their people to get ready for the future of work. She joins from the East  Coast of the US to share her insights on what companies need to do to enter the next stage of work, and make sure they are leading with compassion and authenticity, rather than pressure and punishment. 

Heather has worked with some of the biggest players and is doing her very best to help prepare these companies for the future of work, so we are very excited to have her on and to get to pick her brain on what needs to change for us all to succeed now, and in the future.


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