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#43 - How to find your dream remote candidate





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Alex van Klaveren

Co-Founder and CEO at Kandidate

About Alex

Alex has been a founder at six startups with two exits and two that well...didn't work out. He has worked with over 100 talent teams at scale ups and his team has placed over 5,000 candidates at scale ups. He is passionate about helping founders solve their no.1 problem, talent. 

Kandidate helps talent teams at fast growing companies hire, fast. Their embedded model of talent partners and sourcers work directly with talent teams to help them hit their hiring targets.

How to find your dream remote candidate

In this episode, we are chatting to Alex van Klaveren, who is the co-founder and the CEO of Kandidate. Kandidate is an embedded recruiting company that does things a little bit differently. They send their talent partners to work as internal recruiters in their clients' businesses, to help increase the speed and the quality of the hiring process.

Alex talks us through the reasons behind this unique approach and gives some very good insights into how to find out if not only a candidate, but also the hiring company is remote ready.

He also shares some tips for a successful interview process and what questions are best to avoid when trying to find the right candidate. 


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