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#47 - How remote work supports regional development





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It's very important that individuals realize the power of remote work and realize that they can have a voice for these communities that don't have a voice.

Rowena Hennigan

Founder of RoRemote

About Rowena

Rowena Hennigan is a speaker, professor, and founder of RoRemote.

Rowena is passionate about the flexibility and well-being that digital nomadism can offer individuals and families. Even before the pandemic accelerated the growth of remote work, Rowena recognized the market need for training on remote work skills. She started RoRemote, a remote skills training and consultancy company, back in 2018 and coauthored academic courses at TU Dublin on remote work skills. And in 2022, LinkedIn News named her one of the 10 Top Voices in Remote Work. Rowena currently lives in Spain with her location-independent family.

How remote work supports regional development (in emerging markets)

Rowena Hennigan is the embodiment of remote work. Having moved from her native Ireland to Zaragoza in Spain to help with her daughter’s asthma, she has since built a remote business that aims to highlight the positive opportunities remote work can bring to communities.

We want to talk to her about exactly these opportunities, and how especially rural areas can benefit from the economic power behind remote work. I am also interested to hear what her essentials are for setting up a successful remote work hub, and our host Sandra most definitely wants to know what she would say to CEOs who want to move their employees back into the office and away from remote work. 




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