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#4 - How remote-first businesses can minimize their compliance risk





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Compliance means being aware, and understanding who are the competent authorities and their investigative powers, and what fines you could be subject to when there is a lack of compliance.

Head of Partnerships at Lano

Andrea Carlon

About Andrea

Andrea started her career as a Data Privacy Attorney working with startups in Spain and France. She moved to New York to pursue a Masters at NYU and then worked for the largest Fintech community in North America, Empire Startups. After that, she joined Prodigy Finance as Partnerships Manager helping international students with their student loans and partnering with products to offer a marketplace for international students. In her most recent role, she’s leading Partnerships at Lano.

How remote-first businesses can minimize their compliance risk

How do you navigate hiring someone you’ve never met in person before? What legal challenges do businesses face when building, onboarding and paying a remote team? And as a freelancer, are you allowed to work a full-time workload for just one client?

Compliance is a crucial, challenging, and complex part of doing business that requires lots of expertise support. Each country has differing work, taxation and residency laws and requirements of its residents. From the business side, complying with social insurances, payroll taxes and reporting, contractual and labour law as well as dealing with the endless reporting to the relevant civil and administrative authorities. 

Andrea Carlon is the Head of Partnerships at Lano. She joins host Maddie Duke on The State of Work. In this episode, Maddie and Andrea explore how businesses and freelancers can successfully ensure they’re running a compliant business, no matter where the company and team members are located.




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