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#28 - How payments innovator Currencycloud mastered the shift to remote-first work





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What we spent a lot of time on is creating this kind of clarity, and reinforcing that clarity across our organization. On a business level, but also on a personal level.

Chief Evangelist at Currencycloud

Richard Arundel

About Richard

As one of Currencycloud’s founders, Richard has played an important role in the company’s rapid growth. Having started his career at HiFX – one of the largest foreign exchange market brokers in the UK – Richard has a deep understanding of the finance and payments sector. 

Prior to becoming Chief Evangelist, Richard has held successive positions as GM of Currencycloud’s North America business, Sales Director, Client Relationship Director and VP Client Services at Currencycloud, helping the company increase revenue, size and scope. 

On his return from New York in December 2020, Richard has taken on the role of Chief Evangelist, sitting at the intersection of sales, product, marketing and growth to help drive our efforts in new and existing segments, gathering insights from front-line sales teams and the wider market, while representing Currencycloud as the market leader in embedded, cross-border solutions.

How payments innovator Currencycloud mastered the shift to remote-first work

Since the global pandemic hit in early 2020, many companies have shifted to a remote-first model. What started for many as an emergency situation has now evolved as a way of life, with many companies being forced to hit the ground running and learning as they go. Benefits have been repackaged, home office equipment has been distributed and employee wellbeing programs have been rolled out. Now more than 18 months on but what are some of the other benefits and challenges that go along with the shift to remote-first?

Joining Maddie on The State Of Work today is Currencycloud’s Chief Evangelist Richard Arundel. As Currencycloud’s co-founder and someone who sits at the intersection of product, sales, and marketing, Richard knows a thing or two not only about rapid growth but also has a deep understanding of the exciting rise of payments innovation, embedded finance and cross border payments.

Maddie and Richard discuss Currencycloud’s transition to remote-first model and the role that FinTech companies are playing not only in the distributed workforce – by not only increasing their revenue but by better engaging with their customers. 


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