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#37 - Global compensation strategies: How much should I pay my global employees?





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How do you avoid this brain drain, when you can't really compete on salaries anymore?

CEO & Founder at Talentroo

Paul Arnesen

About Paul

Paul Arnesen is a global, multilingual HR, recruitment & executive search professional with 20 years of experience in a multitude of industries. He has been an entrepreneur for 8 years and is a Norwegian-born, international citizen. He founded Talentroo alone in 2019 as an independent recruitment agency and strategic human resources partner. He individually developed recruitment strategies that have placed more than 12,000 candidates since 2020 through using his experience of operating a full-suite digital marketing agency and headhunting methodology.

Talentroo is now a growing global recruitment agency that is currently focusing on scaling up massively. It contracts people all over the world and is proudly a remote-first company.

Global compensation strategy: How much should I pay my international employees?

We are back with Paul Arnesen from Talentroo for a deep dive into global compensation. We had Paul on before, and if you haven’t listened to that episode, it’s called “How to recruit the best talent for global expansion”, so make sure to check that out. 

In that episode, he already mentioned the importance of a global compensation strategy, which is exactly what host Sandra and Paul talked about in their second conversation. So if you are looking into hiring remote employees, or scaling up your already existing remote workforce, this is the episode to listen to. 

Paul explains how companies can approach the topic of global compensation, and which strategies to choose from. He also gives some real life examples and advice on how to decide how much to pay your remote employees, while explaining the different implications global compensation can have on the national workforce of a country.


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