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#9 - Estonian e-Residency: The easiest way to start a company in the EU





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It’s not a passport or a visa that allows you to live or move here physically, but it’s really about accessing Estonia’s digital infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

Marketing & Communications at e-Residency

Alex Wellman

About Alex

Alex Wellman currently leads the global marketing and communications efforts for Estonia’s e-Residency program. Estonia is the first country to launch e-Residency, a digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s business environment for entrepreneurs around the world. Originally from the United States, Alex has worked for e-Residency for the past four years and previously worked in Washington, DC, for the US House of Representatives and two industry trade associations.

Estonian e-Residency: The easiest way to start a company in the EU

Launched in 2014, Estonia’s e-Residency programme aims to help non-Estonians access Estonian services such as company formation, banking, payment processing, and taxation. Once under Soviet rule for just over 50 years, Estonia had a chance to rebuild a digital-first society and to great success: not only is it home to its unique e-Residency program, it’s also home to a lot of homegrown talent too, including the highest number of tech unicorns in Europe including Skype and Wise (TransferWise).

Alex Wellman joins Maddie on The State Of Work. Alex is part of a team leading the launch of Estonia’s latest digital initiative, the Digital Nomad Visa, the very first of its kind in Europe. It aims to help location-independent entrepreneurs and remote-focused companies benefit from Estonia’s innovative business ecosystem and government e-services.

On this episode, Maddie and Alex discuss Estonia’s e-Residency program, their digital-first infrastructure, and how digital nomads and entrepreneurs can join 80 000 residents from over 170 countries who are making the most of less bureaucracy, reduced paperwork and increased digital services.




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