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#10 - Creating growth: Tips for effective remote product management





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That is typically the crux — alignment is more important than the video conference calls, meetings, schedules or decks. So, stay aligned and repeat that strategy and that mission as frequently as possible.

Chief Product Officer at Hostelworld Group

Johnny Quach

About Johnny

Johnny Quach is the CPO/CMO at Hostelworld PLC Group where he leads over 160 people across a variety of functional areas including Product, Growth, Social, Technology and Design. Previously, he was at AirHelp, a Y Combinator startup from 2014, where he helped scale the company from 400 to 800 people while creating over 400% growth over his 3 years there. Before that he was at Rocket Internet where he launched three companies in 8 countries in the span of 6 months. He believes Product Managers should be relentlessly resourceful and possess analytical intuition so they can be adaptable in the most chaotic of environments. Growth is a creativity arms race where the best companies scale through repeatable processes. 

Johnny was also a professional poker player for 2 years, his dance team won America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2, and he was a Master ranked Starcraft 2 player.

Creating growth: Tips for effective remote product management

Product management requires a unique combination of strategy, technology, design and the ability to find opportunities that will create impact—a crucial role that drives the success of modern companies.

In 2020, the global travel industry was hit heavily by COVID-19. Legacy travel booking company Hostelworld saw this disruption as an opportunity and used the time to get to work, mobilising their remote offices and teams in order to accelerate all the things they wanted to improve about their OTA product, an immense effort which resulted in one of their most productive years to date.

At Hostelworld, Chief Product Officer Johnny Quach leads a distributed team of over 150 people and chats with Maddie on The State Of Work about the importance of distributed team alignment, why strategy is so crucial for product managers, and how his multitude of external hobbies inspire growth and iteration across the board.


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