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#24 - Designing creative solutions for optimal remote work environments





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I think we now have the once in a lifetime opportunity to change something—old behaviors from decades ago can now be pushed away. And there is so much space for new ideas and new concepts. We should try them out and change as much as we can.

Founder at independesk

Karsten Kossatz

About Karsten

Berlin entrepreneur Karsten Kossatz has already been dealing with the topic of New Work for ten years in several self-founded startups. Whether as an employer in an advertising agency, a conference room in the forest or, most recently, with his startup independesk, a desk-sharing app with more than 1000 locations across Germany available for flexible working. Karsten wants to change the world of work and sees this as an important step towards a CO2-neutral society.

Designing creative solutions for optimal remote work environments

Flexible work empowers companies, employees and freelancers to optimize their creativity and productivity by allowing workers to choose surroundings that best align with their daily tasks. The last two years have seen an accelerated shift to remote work but this doesn’t always mean working from home or locking yourself into one coworking space contract is the most suitable option. Enter: independesk.

Serial entrepreneur and founder Karsten Kossatz is driven to change the world and create solutions that change our lives for the better. He founded independesk to utilize existing office infrastructure to be able to offer co-working solutions and for freelancers and remote workers to be able to find an on-demand flexible desk in their neighbourhoods. With the vision to make the working world more user centered, independesk has helped facilitate flexible and community-driven co-working, networking, and the opportunity to select from a variety of offices, coworking spaces, agencies and ateliers in which to work from. This allows independesk’s users to take full control over their optimal working environments and to differentiate between their private and professional lives.

Karsten joins Maddie today on The State Of Work to discuss how flexible work is evolving, why an optimal space matters for creativity, focus, and productivity as well as some advice for other early stage startup founders. 


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