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#1 - Rural innovation, digitization, and countryside coworking





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90% of people are more productive when they’re around other people, I think more and more people are aware of that these days after having to spend so much time alone in their home office.

Co-founder at Coconat

Julianne Becker

I am quite enjoying the fact that I have this openness so I can just go out of the house and then [in] two minutes I’m in a forest and I’m in nature and that somehow it’s filling me with so much life.

Freelance WordPress Developer

Mauricio Disilvestro

About Julianne

Coconat co-founder Julianne Becker came all the way from Missouri, USA and now reside in rural Brandenburg, Germany. She is a trained artist and communications expert, filmmaker, has been involved in nature conservation, worked in start-ups and organised major events. She has a wide range of connections in the cultural, tech and NGO scene. At Coconat, Julianne is responsible for communication and international cooperation.

About Mauricio

Mauricio was born in Venezuela and has been a freelance WordPress developer for the last ten years. He lived for 6 years in Berlin before relocating to rural Brandenburg where he found better work/life balance. He has clients in Berlin, France, and Switzerland. His programming languages include PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript and his spoken languages include English, Spanish, Italian and “Denglish”. Mauricio also provides both in-person and Skype-based WordPress coaching sessions to clients.

Rural innovation, digitization, and countryside coworking

Cities were once drawcards for the young, ambitious and upwardly mobile. However, 2020 turned the world of work on its head. Now, careers are no longer linear and predictable and now we’re not only thinking about what we do but where we do it from. Even remote work itself has been completely disrupted. Once the domain of tech professionals and digital nomads has now seen companies everywhere suddenly shifting to remote-first work culture. Workers scrambled to throw together working from home setup, whilst simultaneously homeschooling their children, flatmates replaced colleagues and single household dwellers were thrown into complete isolation.

Lockdowns have taken the shine off high-density urban living with many cultural, entertainment and dining events now out of reach. With many companies shifting to a fully remote or hybrid work model for the unforeseeable future, onsite perks no longer made sense and more people reasserted their work and life balance needs. After all, nothing else heals, re-focuses and inspires like more time in or close to nature.

Greener pastures are exactly what led Julianne Becker and her cofounders to open Coconat in Brandeburg. Coconat (Community and Concentrated Work in Nature) is a coworking and coliving space located in Brandenburg but attracting guests and workers from Berlin and all over the world. Julianne and freelance WordPress developer and Brandenburg resident Mauricio Disilvestro join Maddie on this episode of The State of Work and touch on rural innovation, as well as what it’s like to work and live outside of the urban environment. 


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