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#26 - Can hiring remote talent solve the tech skills shortage?





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There’s a cultural awareness aspect that spans not only in how you operate as a company but also how you interview people.

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Pau Sabria

About Pau

Pau Sabria is the co-founder of Remotely Works, a software development talent marketplace connecting US-based software companies to top developers in Latin America. Prior to RW, Pau was the cofounder of Olapic, a NYC-based MarketingTech SaaS that was acquired by Monotype in 2016. Pau cofounded Olapic with Luis Sanz and Jose de Cabo when they met at the MBA program at Columbia University. Pau started his career at BCG, after graduating from Electrical Engineering at UPC, Barcelona, Spain.

Can hiring remote talent solve the tech skills shortage?

Global companies are facing a tech skills shortage, leaving a gap in the market for expert bespoke companies to connect job opportunities with a global talent pool. In the past, software developers have been lured by glamorous tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, but they’ve also been known as the original remote workers. So just how has the global pandemic changed the job marketplace for developers? And are more opting for relocation packages or are they seeking more remote work opportunities? And aside from financial perks, just whats sorts of benefits and company values are appealing to senior developers?

Remotely Works is a software development talent marketplace where US-based software companies can hire great, pre-vetted software engineers that work remotely from their home countries in Latin America. Remotely’s founding members originated at Olapic, where they built a 130-person strong team in Latin America, ranging from engineering to marketing, account management, finance, and support. They use their expertise to help companies build and manage great remote teams fast. 

Pau joins Maddie today on The State Of Work to discuss the recruitment vetting process, increased cultural awareness when hiring candidates and the importance of company values and future trends for attracting and hiring top global developers.




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