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#14 - Best business practices for hiring, onboarding and working with freelancers





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It’s a great time to hire freelancers, because freelancers are trained to execute.

Freelancer, Coach and Remote Work advocate

Stefan Palios

About Stefan

Stefan Palios is a writer and entrepreneur passionate about the future of work. He started writing through his thesis research at Yale University in 2014 and started his freelance business in 2017. Since then he has interviewed over 250 entrepreneurs and produced over 1,000 pieces of content for B2B startups, venture capitalists, and tech media outlets as a freelance writer. Stefan is the author of The 50 Laws of Freelancing and publisher of Remotely Inclined (see Shownotes). 

Best business practices for hiring, onboarding and working with freelancers

The pandemic changed the way businesses, companies, and other organizations view remote workers, particularly freelancers. When COVID-19 arrived, freelancers were seemingly ahead of the curve, all set up to work from home. Typically entrepreneurial and used to uncertainty, many freelancers are now seen as an integral part of business expansion, including both a long and short term growth strategy.

In this episode of The State Of Work, Maddie is joined by Canadian freelancer and remote work advocate Stefan Palios. As an experienced writer and coach, Stefan joins us on The State Of Work to share his best business practices when it comes to hiring, onboarding and working with freelancers and independent contractors. 

As an experienced freelancer, Stefan believes that the best relationships between businesses and freelancers are a partnership, with each stakeholder playing their key role. He draws on his experience of successes (and failures!) to coach other freelancers on sales strategies, the value they can offer their clients and how to navigate this new business economy. 


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