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Global Payroll Consolidation

Unify your payroll infrastructure and manage payroll for all of your entities in one place - not all over the place.

Everything related to payroll, benefits, and pay out in general is taken care of by Lano.

VP of Operations, Hygraph

Eray Yalçındağ

Multi-Country Payroll Management

Run global payroll in one place

Managing payroll across multiple countries, entities, and providers is an operational nightmare. Lano helps make it smooth, efficient, and stress-free across your entire workforce.

  • Centralize employee and payroll data for all of your entities

  • Report on global employee data by country, cost center, employment type and more

  • Gain deeper insights into your global workforce costs

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Embedded Payments

Make fast and smooth payments to your global workforce

With our integrated payments solution, you can pay all employment types in their local currency and say goodbye to high bank fees or confusing pricing structures.

  • Cross-border payouts to 170+ countries in 50+ currencies

  • Save up to 3% in exchange rate fees

  • Pay your full time employees and contractors in one click


Connect your HR and Finance software

Ditch the spreadsheets, manual work and costly errors. With Lano, you can integrate the systems your finance and people teams use everyday to keep your employee and payroll data up to date and accurate.

  • Automatically sync all your HR data with payroll

  • Let employees access payslips in any system you choose

  • Get time back in the day. Say goodbye to manual work

Grow globally without the payroll growing pains

Lano’s Payroll Consolidation empowers your HR team to run international payroll with ease as you expand. No more sacrificing your vacation during payroll cyles.

Standardized Data

Standardize data from all payroll providers into one platform — from currencies to different file formats.

Customized Reports

Report on all your employee data across the world in one dashboard, with custom segments and granular analytics.


See a full breakdown of all costs based on contract type and compliance before approving and running payroll.

Embedded Payments

Pay your entire global workforce in 150+ countries and 50+ local currencies with one click.

Built-in Compliance

From auditing payslips, taxes, and contributions - we take care of all things compliance so you don’t have to.

Dedicated Support

Get direct help from our experts on everything payroll. No waiting on tickets to be answered around here.

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