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Workday Adaptive Planning for Lano

Integrate Lano with Workday to enable business analytics

See Lano and Workday Adaptive Planning in action
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Analytics, planning, and forecasting synced between Workday and Lano

See Lano and Workday Adaptive Planning in action

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About Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning specializes in corporate performance management systems and offers a set of cloud-based business analytics, planning, and forecasting solutions.

Using the Workday integration for Lano

Step 1: To activate the integration, go to the Integrations screen within Lano and activate the Workday integration by toggling the switch.

Step 2: Enter necessary details such as the username, password, instance code, version name, sheet name, plan or actuals, and then click Connect to integrate Workday Adaptive Planning.

Step 3: With the Workday Adaptive Planning integration enabled, you can update your reporting at any frequency and with any data you want. 

Step 4: Extracted data points will be shown on the overview page that can be accessed by navigating to Integrations > Workday Adaptive Planning > Details about exports.

Step 5: When data is transferred to Workday Adaptive Planning, you will be able to analyze your performance through AI-generated visuals and build forecasts.   

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