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About Workwize

Workwize is a platform that automates your entire equipment lifecycle and facilitates all your inventory management needs. Their technology removes all the manual (and time consuming) administration of remote work.

What benefits does Workwize provide to Lano Customers

Lano customers get 20% off their first year membership when signing up to Workwize via our partnership.

Workwize provides the following benefits:

  1. A large supplier network of 60+ vendors globally plus the ability to integrate your existing suppliers into their system.

  2. Customizable interface for employees to order their own equipment based on the company’s select budget and product parameters.

  3. An onboarding service which takes care of the procurement and delivery of equipment directly to employees. This includes resolving any of the issues that come in between their customer support team.

  4. An equipment and budget management tool that tracks the complete inventory - remote and in-office - and centralized invoicing.

  5. Offboardifng service, which handles the collection, wiping of devices, storage and re-integration of equipment globally. These warehouses can also be used to store buffer stock.

To learn more about working with Workwize and Lano, reach out to your Account Manager.

Why work with Workwize Office?

Workwize provides and maintains any kind of remote equipment for your workforce, no matter where they are. With Workwize, people managers can set up their remote employees within 5 minutes!

Their vast supplier network means sourcing issues are now a thing of the past. Companies can implement existing suppliers and fully customize their product catalog.

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