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About Slite

Slite is a modern workspace that helps teams escape the chaos of information and knowledge overload. It combines beautiful and easy-to-use documents with async decision-making and enables teams to bring clarity to their work. The new AI assistant – Ask – answers questions based on the team's documentation. It helps to take the pain out of finding info, learning from the past, and getting new teammates up to speed.
More than 100,000 forward-thinking companies use Slite every day as their collaborative knowledge base platform, including AgoraPulse, BambooHR and Commsor.

What benefits does Slite provide to Lano Customers

Lano clients get 20% off during 12 months on all plans when signing up via Lano.

Slite provides the following benefits:

  1. Docs - Use sketches, markdown, video, and hundreds of embed options to get ideas across clearly.

  2. Ask (Beta)- Access and uncover knowledge in your Slite workspace using AI.

  3. Collections - Manage docs in embeddable board or database views with custom filtering, sorting.

  4. Templates - Ready-to-use docs for product specs, company handbooks, meeting notes, and more.

  5. Decisions - Reach clear decisions and embed them where they’re needed, where work happens.

  6. Integrations - Integrates with hundreds of existing tools (like Asana, Figma, Loom and more).

  7. Public Docs - Instantly publish docs from your workspace to the web and edit on the fly.

To learn more about working with Slite and Lano, reach out to your Account Manager.

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