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Using the dashboard on Home

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Access all relevant information for working with your external partners on your home screen.

The dashboard will give you more visibility into your company’s activity on Lano. Through our dynamic dashboard, you will be able to access and analyse your paid invoices, examine your pending invoices, wallet balances, and get an overview of your global team and geographic reach. What's more, you can review your to-dos and complete pending tasks in a couple of clicks, making your workflow more efficient.

Elements of the Dashboard

By selecting Home from your menu, you will be able to access your interactive dashboard and get more insights into its 5 elements: paid invoices, pending invoices, Wallet balances, to-do’s and Global team.

1. Paid invoices

You can find real-time information showing your company's paid invoices for external employees. By clicking on the top right corner you can see what you paid this week, month, quarter, or year. You can get more information about where your paid invoices by selecting Details.

Please note: Only invoices in status Paid or Completed will be included in the total amount. If you have invoices with multiple different currencies, they will all be converted into your main currency and updated daily at 3 am (CET).

2. Invoices

In the invoices section, you will be able to see the total amount to be paid coming from the approved invoices. Click on Details in the top right corner to get more insights into your approved invoices.

Learn more about how to pay your contractor’s invoice.

3. Wallet

In the wallet section, you will be able to find your balance of currencies that you topped up. Those currencies can eventually be used to pay your international contractors.

4. To-do’s

This is where we notify you about actions you need to take such as reviewing submitted tasks, or approving and paying your contractors’ invoices. By clicking on See all in the top right corner you can access detailed information about the progress of a task or invoice that was submitted and take the necessary steps to move forward.

5. Global team

In this section, you can see the list of onboarded partners and the countries that they represent.

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