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Kick-start global expansion and scale faster

Hit your expansion targets and boost your growth with Lano. Grow your global team across 150+ countries without establishing legal entites. Set up payroll in record time and put compliance and payments on autopilot.

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The importance of moving fast in a global world

Global expansion allows startups and scaleups to unlock their growth potential. But to do so, they need the right talent - and they need it fast. Thanks to remote work, businesses can tap into a global talent pool and recruit the best candidates regardless of their location. 

The problem is that getting familiar with local labor laws and setting up a legal entity in a new market can take anywhere between 3 and 12 months. What’s more, every new geography entails new compliance risks that can quickly put an end to the business if they’re not managed appropriately. 

Control total de tus costes globales

Fast-track international hiring

Hiring team members in different countries is notoriously slow due to all the legal and administrative hurdles. Using our network of Employer of Record partners allows you to hire and onboard employees in record time.

Compliantly hire talent in 150+ countries

No need to set up a local entity

Onboard new employees in days

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Focus on growth instead of admin

Working with a global team involves a lot of admin and paperwork. Our smart platform allows you to streamline your global workforce management processes, freeing up valuable time so you can focus on growing your business.

Manage your global team via one platform

Streamline your invoice approval and payment processes

Store all your compliance documents in one place

Put compliance on autopilot

When operating on a global scale, even the smallest of mistakes can turn into a costly compliance issue. Our global network of tax and employment experts is there to take the legal burden off your shoulders.

Full compliance in 150+ countries

Compliant freelance and employment contracts

No need to worry about changes in local laws

Automate global payroll and payments

Issuing international payments and processing multi-country payroll takes up a lot of time. Save time and money by automating your payments and payroll processes and concentrate on moving your business forward. 

Pay invoices, expenses, salaries and bonuses in one single click

Consolidate global payroll through automated data flows

Instant global payments in 50+ currencies

Stay flexible throughout your expansion

International expansion requires flexibility. A venture in a new market might not be successful, forcing you to let some of your employees go. Or you might want to fully commit to a new market and establish a local entity. 

Easily convert freelancers to full-time employees

Have employee dismissal handled by experts

Quickly set up local payroll in 150+ countries

More flexibility and freedom for global teams

Fast-track your international expansion

Hire employees in 150+ countries,  get access to local payroll providers and put compliance on autopilot.

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