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Compliantly expand your global team

Ensure compliance when hiring talent abroad and expanding into new markets. We help you navigate complex international laws and regulations.

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Reduce your legal and operational workload

With a growing global team, there is a growing number of labor laws, payroll and tax regulations to comply with. To mitigate compliance risks, organizations need to become experts in the local labor law of every single location and check for possible pitfalls when working with local freelancers and contractors. What's more, setting up a local entity involves a lot of paperwork. Lano's robust compliance and payroll platform helps legal teams across the globe to reduce their legal admin.

Be compliant by default

Ensure full compliance when hiring international contractors and remote employees. Our legal experts help you navigate local labor law and employee misclassification risks in over 170 countries.

  • Compliant freelancer and contractor agreements

  • Local contracts and benefits packages for your employees

  • Automated compliance checks to prevent misclassification

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Expand fearlessly with full flexibility

Gain access to a global network of local employment, payroll, and tax experts, allowing you to focus on growing your business without drowning in legal admin.

  • Get access to a network of local partners across the globe

  • Keep up to date with ever changing regulations

  • Manage contracts and agreements from one dashboard

Ensure compliance with GDPR and privacy laws

Create, send, and sign data protection agreements directly from your Lano dashboard. Get a full overview of all your documents and see instantly if any important agreements are missing.

  • Profit from greater privacy and security

  • Get localized contracts to be on the safe side

  • Provide your team with a great experience

Why Legal teams use Lano to compliantly hire anywhere

Given that it was the first time for us hiring remotely, it was really nice to have that kind of support. Without Lano's speedy and simple process, we probably would have lost the candidate.

Thomas Gurry

Founder & CEO at Myota


compliant with local regulations


less time spent on admin

Unlock global growth

Focus on the core of your business and build the best team on the planet. We help you hire, onboard, and pay new team members wherever they are.


supported countries


local compliance


available currencies


global payments

Loved by teams across the globe

Lano’s powerful hiring and payments platform ensures that you’re focused on growing your business, and not drowning under administrative and compliance tasks.

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For Finance Teams

Manage payroll, benefits and taxes, get standardized payroll data, send international payments, and ensure compliance for all employees. Wherever they are.

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For Recruiting Teams

Easily hire and onboard new team members - no matter where they live. We help you navigate complex international hiring and take care of payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance for your team.

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For Employees

Lano helps people around the globe to work remotely for companies in 170+ countries. Benefit from all the advantages of local contracts and get paid on time in your preferred currency.

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More flexibility and freedom for global teams

Compliantly hire and pay teams across the globe

From compliant contracts to seamless onboarding, get everything you need to build the best team on the planet.

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5 compliance challenges when growing globally

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