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Stay organized

Manage your clients and keep track of your ongoing projects all in one place. Organize all the documents, files and payments together for you and your client.

Get paid on time

Create professional invoices in seconds, stop chasing payments and have automatic payment reminders sent on your behalf.

Be more efficient

Manage tasks, track your time, create timesheets and give your business more structure.

Trusted by freelancers and agencies in 50+ countries

‘My job is to write excellent texts for my clients and not chase open invoices.
Lano’s invoicing and payment automations guarantee that I am always paid in time.’

Chris Meier, Content Creator

‘With Lano, I was able to optimize my cash flow quickly and gained financial stability.
If a client does not pay on time, I still get my money fast thanks to Lano.’

Emma Arlington, Photographer

‘I use Lano for all the requirements that freelancing brings – from daily project planning to invoicing.
I can only recommend Lano to all freelance or self-employed colleagues.’

Anna Schütz, Fitness Coach

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