International engineering firm consolidates global payroll with Lano

Using Lano, an international engineering firm gained visibility and streamlined processes over global payroll protocols from 20 countries.

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Fragmented data formats standardized


Less time needed to analyze and approve payroll reports


Countries' payroll data managed in a single platform



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With Lano, we have a single source of truth for all our global payroll data.

VP of Finance

About the Company

Our client is an international engineering company specialized in the implementation of renewable energy solutions. It has a long track record of projects carried out in 67 countries all over the world. In order to deploy their engineers to different locations on five different continents, the company has established offices in 20 different countries - including their headquarters in the Netherlands. Each local team is composed of between 10 and 50 employees and many of the HR and payroll processes have local partners to manage them.


Simplify and standardize payroll management across 20 countries

With employees based in 20 different countries, our client relies on in-country service providers to run their payroll, which takes the processing and compliance burden off their shoulders. However, having a different provider for each country creates additional manual work for their central payroll and finance teams. They receive payroll data for each country, but the formats and data points are different from country to country. The cost factors and pay elements listed for each geography differ from provider to provider. Comparing payroll costs for different locations is almost impossible. 

Every time the payroll team needs to compile a report on their global payroll operations, it takes a lot of time and effort to put together the necessary data. This manual data collection has resulted in reporting errors that were only discovered months later. For the engineering company the lack of transparent, reliable payroll data is a major problem as it prevents them from accessing a valuable resource for making well-informed business decisions.


Payroll consolidation with Lano’s Global Payroll Solution

When looking for a suitable global solution, the company soon discovered that Lano’s global payroll solution could be a good fit for their needs. The Lano platform offers all the reporting tools they need. It also provides a comprehensive overview of  global payroll costs and allows for comparisons between countries based on specific criteria such as benefits, employer taxes and more. Plus, with automated data flows and standardized processes, painful manual data handling is a thing of the past. 

Within a month, Lano had all existing payroll providers integrated with their central platform.  If the company further expands in the future, Lano’s payroll solution gives them access to a global network of in-country payroll partners to choose from if they decide to add a new payroll country.


Payroll data located in a single source of truth

By bringing all their local payroll providers to Lano, our client has significantly simplified their global payroll management. With the reporting functions of the Lano platform, the management is now able to consult payroll data for all their entities in a standardized format via a centralized platform whenever they want to and use the data insights for business decisions and future planning.

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