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Which Lano is for you?

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Heads up, there's two Lano's in town

You might be aware that Lano has recently undergone some changes and launched Lano 2.0.

This is our brand new App and will eventually be the only Lano application containing all Lano solutions, such as Global Payroll / Contractor Management & Global Employment.

For the time time being, Lano 2.0 will only have Global Employment as an option, which is why you might not recognise the information in these articles.

If you haven't yet been migrated over to Lano 2.0, please use the articles located in Global Employment Lano Classic.

If you have any questions regarding Lano Classic or Lano 2.0, please reach out to us and we will be happy to answer them.

Lano 2.0

Lano Classic

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