Exporting and Approving Cycle Report

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Exporting and Approving Cycle Report

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Learn how to Export and Approve your Cycle Report

The Lano platform allows you to see, export and approve your Cycle Report. To view your Cycle Report, follow these steps below:

  • Select “Payroll” on the left 

  • Then “Payroll Cycles” 

  • Now select the relevant Pay Period

  • In this page, you can then select the tab “Cycle Report” 

The Cycle Report will show you all of your employees, however, you can see the employees who have salary changes for this cycle as they’re highlighted green. 

You can also see how many changes each employee has, by looking in the right most column. The salary changes for each employee are also clickable, doing this this will open a new window and display a breakdown of the reported salary changes, including notes and the amount.

To export the Cycle Report, simply click “Export”, this will initiate a download which you can then open in Excel to see all of the data.

Remember, approving your Cycle Report is a vital stage, as this is giving your approval to make the submitted payroll changes. You can approve the report by clicking the “Approve Report” button located next to the Export button.

Don’t worry about forgetting to approve your Cycle Report as Lano will send you a prompt reminder before the cut-off date. 

If you have any further questions regarding your Cycle Report, please feel free to reach out to your Platform Experience Manager or check out our other Help Centre pages.

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