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Add Payroll Employees in Bulk

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Learn how to bulk upload your payroll employees in Lano:

The Lano platform allows you to add payroll employees in two different ways: individually or by bulk uploading a list of all of your employees.

This article explains how to bulk-upload your payroll employees’ details into Lano. 

Log in to your Lano account and navigate to Team > Team members section in Lano. 

In the top right corner, click on the downward facing arrow next to the “Add Team Member” button. This will produce a drop-down menu. Select ‘’Import payroll employee.” which will take you to the Payroll Employee Import page, where you will see the option to download a template.

Click on “Download our template” This will initiate a download which you can save and enter the data for each of your payroll employees in the appropriate columns in the template.

In order to correctly import employees, we require the following:

  • Employee name

  • Contact information (email address)

  • Job title 

You can also include any additional relevant employee details related to their contract agreement. 

Once you have finished entering all of the data for your payroll employees into the template, save the template as a CSV file and upload it to Lano on the Payroll Employee Import page.


You can also reach out to your account executive for assistance with this process. They will provide you a template and ensure that the appropriate data is uploaded to your Lano portal.

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