✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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Lano is the Remote alternative for global hiring

Experience seamless process for hiring in over 170 countries with upfront timelines and pricing.

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Lano vs. Remote:

What Lano brings to the table

Mit Auftragnehmern auf der ganzen Welt arbeiten

Simple request process for new hires via Employer of Record with verified costs within 48 hours of request

Mit Auftragnehmern auf der ganzen Welt arbeiten

Employment coverage in over 170 countries for full time employees via Employer of Record

Mit Auftragnehmern auf der ganzen Welt arbeiten

Dedicated Account Manager for personalized and timely support with SLAs to match your needs

Mit Auftragnehmern auf der ganzen Welt arbeiten

Manage payroll, payroll changes, and pay employees all within the Lano platform

Nach der Evaluierung mehrerer Alternativen, haben wir uns für Lano entschieden, weil Lano weltweit über ein lokales Partnernetz verfügt und sich mit Compliance und Zahlungen auskennt.

Gargi Mahapatra

People and Culture Lead

Remote does not meet expectations

that were set during the initial sales and onboarding processes.

I wish we had better known how things work in foreign countries [with Remote] (probationary period, notice period, etc), sometimes it's a surprise.

Verified Capterra Review

The initial set up [of Remote] and understanding the cost of an employee to our company as an employer can be tricky.

Verified Capterra Review

...The original [Remote] bundles of benefits were somewhat dubious in the UK ( a no name pension provider and medical) -not really geared for contractors but more for remote employees.

Verified Capterra Review

...[Remote] requires and a proactive approach from the person doing the enrollment and being in contact with the onboarding/happiness team.

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How we compare

How does Lano provide support to its clients?

We will never make you feel like a ticket.

Lano provides a dedicated Account Manager to support you and your team on all matters from hiring, to pay raises, and benefits. Your personalized support means that you won’t have to explain your case to each new person answers your message.

How does the employee support differ from other EOR providers?

Receive expert, local support when you need it.

Employees employed via Lano receive a local, in-country contact to answer any questions from annual leave to benefits. These in-country contacts provide in depth support based on their decades of experience of business practices, laws, and language of the country. 

Does Lano have global coverage?

Hire in over 170 countries with ease.

Lano has one of the most comprehensive global coverages of EOR on the market. With the ability to hire full time employees in over 170 countries and pay employees in over 50 currencies, Lano can meet the needs of your unique case.

How does Lano offer Employer of Record Services?

Lano relies on and supplies local expertise via our local partners.

Lano partners with local Employer of Record (EOR) organizations in each of the countries we cover. Through our network of partners, we ensure a high quality experience for both the client and the end employee. 

How much does it cost to hire full time employees with Lano?

Lano offers competitive pricing and high quality services.

Lano’s pricing begins at 550 EUR per employee per month. We offer reduced rates for companies with a high volume of EOR Employees with Lano as well as Startups and Nonprofits. Talk to your Lano Account Manager to receive more information on this offer.

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