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How Phrase hires and pays employees worldwide with Lano

With Lano, Phrase scaled quickly to match their global product offering and hired over 20 employees via Employer of Record.

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✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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Bei Lano gibt es eine feste Gebühr, die Preisstruktur ist sehr transparent, wir wissen genau, wie hoch unsere Kosten sein werden. Ich würde sagen, Lano hat uns Hunderttausende Dollar gespart.

Bharat Siyani

VP of People at Phrase

About Phrase

Phrase is one of the world's leading localization technology providers. With its translation management and localization platform, the Phrase Localization Suite, Phrase supports more than 500 languages and helps customers in more than 60 countries to offer their products, services and content in multiple languages, helping them to  open up new  markets and drive global growth. 

Founded in Prague in 2010, Phrase has grown to become an international company with offices in Europe, the US and Asia. Currently, Phrase employs over 275 people worldwide and expects rapid further growth of its international team following a period of impressive growth.


Rapid international expansion without high costs

It is crucial for Phrase's success to have employees in different countries with a wide range of language skills. Phrase not only provides high-quality localization technology in many languages, but also offers account management and customer success support to its customers in their preferred language. Therefore, Phrase works hard to hire employees around the world that are representative of their customer base, in order to serve their clients in their language while being sensitive to local customs.

Because the Phrase team is globally distributed, opening new entities was not viable for Phrase. Opening an office for just a few employees, preparing local employment contracts, and setting up payroll was both too time-consuming and inefficient. Limited knowledge of local business and labour regulations also made rapid expansion into new markets difficult. With every country having unique labour and tax regulation, it becomes difficult to move quickly without the stress of non-compliant actions in the new country. 


Compliantly hiring and paying of employees via Lano's partner network

With its platform, Lano enables Phrase to quickly expand its global team. Through a network of Employer of Record partners, Phrase can compliantly hire talent in over 160 countries. Contracts for new employees or contractors can be created effortlessly to meet all local requirements using the Lano platform. All team members are managed centrally within the platform, and new talent can be easily onboarded as needed. 

In addition to being able to hire talent globally, Phrase needed a cost-effective solution to reliably pay employees. Lano's payroll service allows reliable payments to employees and contractors worldwide in their local currency. All Phrase has to do is pay Lano a monthly invoice in euros, and Lano takes care of the conversion into the required local currencies.

Overall, the implementation of Lano's platform into Phrase's existing workflows took just a few weeks. Lano's support team demonstrated how to create contracts, onboard employees, and manage expenses, payroll, and benefits. Thanks to the user-friendly design of Lano's platform, no prior technical knowledge is required. Phrase is able to get up to speed quickly. Today, Phrase handles the onboarding of new employees and in a couple of hours, the new colleagues are fully onboarded and ready to go.


Alle globalen Payroll-Daten in einer zentralen Plattform

Durch die Zusammenführung aller lokalen Payroll-Anbieter auf der Lano-Plattform konnte unser Kunde die Verwaltung seiner globalen Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung deutlich vereinfachen. Mit den Reporting-Funktionen von Lano ist das Management am Unternehmenshauptsitz nun in der Lage, die Lohn- und Gehaltsdaten aller internationalen Einheiten in einem standardisierten Format über eine zentrale Plattform abzurufen. Dies unterstützt bei wichtigen Geschäftsentscheidungen. 

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