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How Lano enables Hygraph to hire & run payroll for their remote-first team

Hygraph, a global SaaS company HQ’d in Berlin, uses Lano to ensure compliance and efficiency with HR processes from onboarding new employees to managing payroll and payments.

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Después de evaluar varias alternativas que operan con sus propias entidades, elegimos a Lano por su red de socios locales y su experiencia con la conformidad y los pagos.

People and Culture Lead @ Hygraph

Gargi Mahapatra

Todo lo relacionado con las nóminas, las prestaciones y los pagos en general lo gestiona Lano

VP de operaciones

Eray Yalçındağ

About Hygraph

Founded in 2017, Hygraph is a federated content platform based on GraphQL, enabling teams to deliver content to any endpoint via API. From the beginning, Hygraph's culture has emphasized being a remote-first company to grow a global team.

While the company has a physical headquarters in Berlin Germany, around 50% of the company works across 10+ countries. Over the past year, the team has grown considerably, with plans to double in size by the end of 2023.

Hygraph aims to source the best talent from anywhere in the world and wishes to provide their employees with similar benefits no matter where they are based. With a mission of building a globally distributed workforce, there were clear challenges to ensure that all processes ran smoothly and compliantly from hiring, to managing contracts and benefits, to overseeing payroll.

El desafío

Simplificar y estandarizar la gestión de nóminas en 20 países

Con empleados repartidos por 20 países diferentes, nuestro cliente cuenta con proveedores de servicios en el país para gestionar sus nóminas, lo que les libera de la carga de procesamiento y cumplimiento. Sin embargo, tener un proveedor diferente para cada país es un gran reto para sus equipos centrales de nóminas y finanzas. Reciben los datos de las nóminas de cada país, pero los formatos son totalmente diferentes y los factores de coste y los sueldos que figuran para cada zona geográfica difieren de un proveedor a otro. Comparar los costes de las nóminas de diferentes lugares es casi imposible. 

Además, cada vez que el equipo de nóminas necesita elaborar un informe sobre sus operaciones de nóminas a nivel mundial, se necesita mucho tiempo y esfuerzo para reunir manualmente los datos necesarios. En más de una ocasión, esta recopilación manual de datos ha dado lugar a errores en los informes que sólo se descubrieron meses después, cuando ya era demasiado tarde. Para la empresa de ingeniería, la falta de datos transparentes y fiables sobre las nóminas es un problema importante, ya que les impide acceder a un recurso valioso para tomar decisiones empresariales fundadas.


Global Employment and Payroll in 10+ countries

Hygraph chose Lano’s Global Employment and Global Payroll solutions to help standardize and optimize the HR processes. They were convinced by the high standard of service and the country coverage in 170+ markets. Hygraph knew that it would not just be a one-time solution, but rather that they were building the foundations of a relationship for many years to come. 

“We are using Lano for our full-time contracts. For employees from different countries, Lano does the payroll. Lano also takes care of expense management and also makes sure that the employee benefit expenses are paid out to them. So everything related to payroll, benefits, payout in general is taken care of by Lano.”

– Eray Yalçındağ, VP of Operations

The global reach with Lano's partner network was a key reason why the team decided to use Lano. The local partners are experts in local laws and compliance, and have been well-vetted to ensure that they meet high-quality standards. For instance, within two weeks, the team was able to hire a new team member in the Philippines, a country where they previously did not have any experience. The Global Hiring Guides gave the team a comprehensive overview of what to expect from hiring someone in this new market but avoided the headaches around non-compliance.

“I got the quote within 48 hours; it was quite quick. This was also a very special case because we had only 10 days from the day when the candidate signed the contract until his first day of starting with us. It all went smoothly, thanks to Viktorija and Carolina’s help and thanks to Lano’s local partner network.”

– Gargi Mahapatra, People and Culture Lead 

With labour and tax regulations changing often, Lano ensures that Hygraph is kept up to date on any changes and provides clarity on how those changes to regulation could affect their employees, or not.

To help simplify processes around payment, expenses, and reimbursements, the team now uses the Global Payroll solution as well. It makes it simple to manage payslips for foreign employees, pay the employees, and have a simple overview of expenses in a single dashboard. Hygraph no longer has to spend large amounts of time manually running payroll for each employee in a different country but now can conduct this entire process from within Lano, saving the team time and headaches. On the platform, the Hygraph operations team can see which invoices have been requested, which have been approved by HR, and whether or not they have been paid out. Having all of this information in a single place helps ensure that the information is up to date that invoices are paid on time without back and forth needed between the departments. 


Manage payroll data for all foreign employees in one place

Hygraph manages the hiring, HR and payroll processes of employees in 10 countries with Lano. The biggest outcomes from adopting the new approach include faster, more efficient processes, intuitive onboarding, and the ability to hire new employees quickly and compliantly. 

Since taking on the Employer of Record approach to global hiring, the Hygraph team can meet their aggressive hiring timelines with ease. The team was able to hire and onboard talent in a new market in less than two weeks. Because of Lano, Hygraph did not need to do extensive due diligence around the partner and could be confident that they would receive a high quality experience. The high level of service and experience enabled the employee to start their new job at Hygraph on time, within two weeks after signing the contract. 

Lano’s platform acts as a single source of truth for all expenses and payroll for the foreign employees. This makes it easy to have a simple overview of upcoming expenses and ensure that approved expenses are paid out in a timely manner. Creating a single place for payroll has greatly improved the process for Hygraph who manages employees in 10 countries.

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