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Welcome to the Lano Academy

Browse our academy to learn everything you need to know to hire and manage international teams and run global payroll.

Global Payroll

Get a comprehensive overview of the importance of payroll for business operations and learn how to manage payroll efficiently on a local and global scale.

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Payroll 101: The basics

Get started with some basic knowledge to better understand payroll and its functions for businesses.

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How to manage payroll

Learn how to set up a reliable and efficient payroll management system to ensure teams get paid on time. 

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Using a payroll software

Discover how software helps businesses automate and streamline processes to gain full control over payroll.

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Global payroll management

Bring your skills to the next level and get familiar with running payroll across multiple geographies. 

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Global Employment

Learn everything you need to know to hire, onboard and manage talent around the world without setting up new legal entities or worrying about compliance and local laws.

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Global employment basics

What is global employment and what are the benefits and challenges of working with globally distributed teams?

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Global employment solutions

How can businesses build global teams, which global employment solutions are there, and how to pick the right option?

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Employer of Record

Which services does an Employer of Record offer and when should businesses consider this option to grow their team?

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Remote hiring

What are best practices for remote hiring and what are the keys for building a world-class remote team?

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Managing global teams

How to set up a remote work policy and a fair global compensation and benefits strategy to attract and retain top talent.

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