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El número de autónomos y trabajadores remotos a nivel mundial está creciendo exponencialmente, y la forma de trabajar está cambiando. Nuestra misión es hacer posible este cambio, creando una plataforma que facilite la incorporación, la gestión y la remuneración de equipos globales.

Únete a nosotros para hacer posible la nueva forma de trabajar.

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I'm based in Brazil and I work remotely, which comes both with perks and challenges. My team has ten people and ten different nationalities. It's amazing to work with a variety of cultural backgrounds; however, it also takes flexibility and cooperation to work with different time zones and different mindsets.

Platform Experience and Partner Services

Glória Gruber

"I’m incredibly fortunate to work alongside a diverse and international team that’s present in 5 continents. Our remote working culture empowers employees to work wherever life takes them. Throughout my time at Lano, I worked remotely in several countries in Europe, and even back home in the Philippines."

Business Development Manager

Rashid Suarez Quddus

Lano gives me the opportunity to work from anywhere, and it allows me to see my family more often and to escape the bad weather in Germany whenever I want.

Senior Content Strategist

Johannes Kral

One of the things I enjoy most about remote work is not having to commute for an hour every day.

Data Engineer

Fernando D'Imperio

The location flexibility provided by Lano has allowed me to return to my home country after spending almost 12 years abroad.

Brand Communication Manager

Raquel Camacho

I really appreciate the flexibility and that I get to structure my own workday.

Senior Account Executive

Katherine Guevara

As a product manager at Lano, you have a lot of freedom and your work really has an impact on the company.

Senior Product Manager

Patryk Sudnik

It’s exciting to be part of a fast-growing company. I build solutions our clients will use for years.

Fintech Development Lead

Josephine Ernst

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