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Switching Employee Status

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Learn how to switch your employees status

Your employees status is a vital part of onboarding and off-boarding, as it allows you to keep track of which stage the employee is at. You can see the status of the employee next to the employee name. Please find below a breakdown of each status. 

When you create a new employee it will be created under “Draft” status, this means we still need more information to be added. 

Once all the mandatory information has been added to the employee, you can then switch the status to “Onboarding”. You can do this by selecting the “Start Onboarding” button. Please note, you will not be able to select this button if we still require more information.

During this process, Lano will review the data provided and make sure all the information is accurate. Once this has been completed, Lano will let you know the status of the employee has been updated to “Onboarded”. 

During the “Onboarded” status, your ICP will be informed of the new employee. The employee will then enter the final status of “Active” once their start date cycle begins.

During the "Active" status, the employee will now be part of all Payroll Cycles and reporting. If you need to change any financial contract details, you must do this via Payroll Changes.

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