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There are many misconceptions about international recruitment and global teams. In this blog article, we’re busting the 15 most common global hiring myths.

Laura Bohrer


How to hire for diversity in global teams

Having a diverse team is no longer just a “nice-to-have” for international organizations. But how can businesses recruit a diverse and inclusive workforce?

Laura Bohrer


Employee recognition: How to thank your team and colleagues

Small expressions of appreciation can improve work relationships, enhance employee happiness, and increase productivity. But how do you say thank you to team members?

Laura Bohrer


Different types of leave: The complete guide for global employers

Employees in different countries enjoy different rights to take time off work. Here you read about the different types of leave for employees.

Laura Bohrer


Remote hiring: Benefits, challenges, and tips for startups

Hiring remotely opens up vast opportunities for startups. Here you learn about the benefits and challenges and what best practices to follow.

Laura Bohrer


Learning and development in remote teams: challenges, strategies and best practices

Remote work reduces opportunities for informal learning in the workplace. How can organizations adapt their L&D strategy to remote and flexible working?

Laura Bohrer


From HR to Tech - The best industries for work-life balance

Balancing work and life is crucial for living a fulfilled and happy life. But which industries offer their employees the best work-life-balance?

Laura Bohrer


The truth about hiring internationally: 15 global hiring myths busted

There are many misconceptions about international recruitment and global teams. In this blog article, we’re busting the 15 most common global hiring myths.

Laura Bohrer


How to choose a global employment solution for your business

No two global employment solutions are the same. Here’s how to find the right solution for your business in the sea of software and service providers.

Laura Bohrer


From pandemic to recession - Using an Employer of Record to master a crisis

With the current economic climate, businesses are in full crisis mode. Here is how an Employer of Record can help you through difficult times.

Laura Bohrer


How to set up an expense policy for your global team

What is an expense policy? And what should it include? Learn everything you need to know to create your own travel and expense policy.

Laura Bohrer


Guide to workations: Benefits and tips for employers

If you want your remote employees to bond, workations are the way to go. Here you read why companies should encourage workations and how to make them happen.

Laura Bohrer


How an Employer of Record simplifies global expansion

Employer of Record services help organizations speed up their international expansion. Learn how you can benefit from using an EOR.

Laura Bohrer


What are the top industries for international expansion?

Expanding internationally is a huge step for any business. Yet some industries are better suited for global expansion than others. But which ones?

Laura Bohrer


Minimum wages around the world: The 2022 guide for global employers

Get a detailed overview of minimum wage rates across the globe for 2022. Plus: We’ll tell you how to offer your team an attractive benefits package.

Laura Bohrer


How to improve the employee workplace experience

Not everyone enjoys working from home. Many workers prefer the social atmosphere of an office space. Here's how to make your office ready for a good employee workplace experience.

Sandra Redlich


8 Benefits of a global workforce employers should know about

While many companies have understood the potential of a global team, others are still hesitant. Here are 8 reasons to have a global workforce.

Laura Bohrer


Countries with the most generous parental leave policies

Maternity, paternity and parental leave laws differ between countries. But which countries worldwide offer the best parental leave policies?

Laura Bohrer


5 HR trends to watch in 2022

Remote work, hybrid setups, and employees who work halfway around the world will continue to challenge HR. Let's have a look what will keep us on our toes in 2022.

Sandra Redlich


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