✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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Lano is the Deel alternative for global employment

Receive the support you need for employment in over 170 countries from global payments to managing global payroll.

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Lano vs. Deel:

What Lano brings to the table

Recrutez des freelances dans le monde entier

Scale your team globally with Lano with employment coverage in over 170 countries compliantly 

Recrutez des freelances dans le monde entier

Receive dedicated support from your Account Manager with support SLAs to match your needs

Recrutez des freelances dans le monde entier

Manage payroll, payroll changes, and pay employees all within the Lano platform

Recrutez des freelances dans le monde entier

Ensure your employees have a positive experience with a local contact for support

Après avoir évalué plusieurs alternatives, nous avons choisi Lano pour son réseau de partenaires locaux et son expertise en matière de conformité et de paiements.

Gargi Mahapatra

People and Culture Lead

Deel does not meet expectations

for support and employee satisfaction.

No dedicated person. [I] have to use chat functionality to get help. With some issues, there is the drawback of having to explain issues several times to each new Deel representative.

Verified Capterra Review

Customer service for [Deel] is the worst. They will only continue to give false promises. Every time I have to contact them for updates. They always say give me 1-2 days but nothing happens.

Verified Capterra Review

We've switched from another similar tool where we thought wasn't great but Deel is a freefall… they aren't really aware of the local legal or much of the regulations so their support isn't really helpful and disconnected from your customer success.

Verified Capterra Review

The part to least like is simply not getting paid, seeing a pay stub that claims you were paid but nothing to show for in the bank and not a single possibility to communicate with a human about your issue.

Verified Capterra Review

How we compare

How does Lano offer Employer of Record Services?

Lano relies on and supplies local expertise via our local partners.

Lano partners with local Employer of Record (EOR) organizations in each of the countries we cover. We rely on their expertise to ensure a high quality experience for both the client and the end employee. 

Although we work with a close network of partners, our customers have a single point of contact with Lano. Clients receive a streamlined chain of communication via Lano while benefiting from the vetted, experienced knowledge of local partners. 

How does Lano approach support?

Receive a dedicated account manager to help you scale with Lano.

The personalized support that you receive from Lano means you have an account manager who is invested in your success. They have all of the context and can help you throughout your global scaling journey at every step of the way.

You will have a single point of contact for your global team who can support you on all of your needs - from hiring globally to managing payroll.

What is the employee experience like with Lano?

You will always know where to go when you have questions.

At Lano, we are committed to ensuring your employees have a positive experience being a remote employee. Employees receive a dedicated local expert who can provide clarity around local employment regulations and answer any questions that come up in the process. Our support SLAs mean that they will get their answers quickly, especially compared to what you may receive from the competition.

Your employees get local, straightforward, and expert support with Lano.

Can Lano help me scale globally?

Scale in over 170 countries compliantly.

Lano offers teams the ability to scale globally with one of the most comprehensive EOR coverage offerings on the market. With Lano's global employment solution, you can compliantly hire talent in over 170 countries and pay them in over 50 currencies.

You can choose a single partner who offers global support from hiring, to payments, to payroll. Lano offers high quality support no matter which product offering you need.

How long does it take to hire a candidate with Lano?

Hire and onboard global talent in two weeks.

Start the hiring process with Lano in just a few minutes. From there we will take you through the steps to hire your talent compliantly. In many cases, your new employee could start working in just two weeks.

We'll make sure everything is handled from our end to ensure you have a smooth experience. Our support SLAs ensure that you get answers to your questions quickly.

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