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How the Lano & 42matches partnership fosters global hiring

Through the Lano and 42matches Referral Partnership, recruitment and international hiring for international teams is easy and efficient.

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The partnership with Lano is a perfect win-win for all parties. It not only helps us to enlarge our business model with highly professional EOR services, but is a common ground for joint growth within the industry.

Moritz Drerup

Founder and CEO

About 42matches

42matches is an international recruitment company with a strong focus on the tech industry. With help from the 42matches teams, companies are matched with strong candidates for their open roles, from software developers to CTOs. Clients of 42matches expedite their recruiting workflows and can fill positions quickly with access to a global talent pool. Once the right candidate is found, 42matches handles the necessary bureaucracy whether that be relocation support or visa support.

Building a relationship with Lano

With Lano and 42matches both being founded in Berlin, it was natural that the two companies would work together to provide an expanded offering to their clients. Where Lano provides global employment and payroll solutions, 42matches approaches the challenges around recruitment and the global talent pool. 

Tackling the persistent problem of finding the right people for open positions and offering companies greater flexibility in the way in which that talent is employed by the company is where Lano and 42matches meet. Clients receive the high quality services related to recruitment from 42matches and Lano facilitates the employment of candidates via Employer of Record in their existing country. This partnership creates a seamless process for both the clients and between the two partners. The pre vetted and proven relationship ensures that clients receive high quality service throughout the entire experience of recruitment, hiring, and onboarding.

Why does Partnering with Lano bring 42matches value

The partnership with Lano allowed 42matches to expand to a new type of case that could be supported. In the past, 42matches only supported hires where the candidate was located within Germany or was willing to relocate. With Lano, 42matches was able to offer employment via an Employer of Record. This ensured that clients of 42matches were hiring compliantly and also offered a wider talent pool that could be considered for a job. 

With greater flexibility around remote work becoming a common place offering amongst attractive companies, 42matches was able to support these cases through their partnership with Lano. Having a truly global talent pool increases the likelihood of being able to find the perfect match for a particular role, especially in an industry that prioritizes the option of remote work.

What are the benefits of partnering with Lano

The partnership with Lano is mutually beneficial. Lano can refer 42matches to clients who are struggling to fill open positions and are looking for recruitment assistance. Additionally, the Lano team offers a dedicated contact so that whenever questions or opportunities arise, there is someone who is able to support these cases within hours.

The Lano team is extremely knowledgeable and works to bring solutions to the table within hours of reaching out. When there is a candidate who has been recruited by 42matches and they would like to hire them via EOR, Lano can ensure that things run smoothly, no matter where they are based. 42matches and Lano support and grow together as they continue to solve the problems around recruitment and global hiring.

More about Lano partnership with 42matches can be found in Lano Talent Marketplace.

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