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Integrate Lano with Merge to build custom integrations with Lano's API

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Build custom integrations for your stack using Lano's API and Merge's Unified API.

See Lano and Merge in action

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About Merge

Merge makes adding and maintaining your Lano integration incredibly simple with a Unified API for HRIS/payroll and ATS platforms.

Using Merge and Lano

Merge's platform allows developers to add a Lano integration to their product much more quickly and cost-effectively than if they were to build the integration themselves. Merge normalizes the data synced from Lano's API and gives developers a full suite of tools (logs, issue detection, etc.) to manage the integration.

Merge lets you integrate your app(s) with Lano quickly, and automate all relevant data using Lano's RESTful API.

Please note: Working with Merge requires you to have access to Lano's API. To work with Lano and Merge, get in touch with your Lano account manager. This integration can be personalized based on your company’s needs.

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