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About Jobgether

Jobgether is a smart platform which brings together companies and candidates using proprietary algorithms to evaluate candidate profiles and match them with companies and job postings that are uniquely suited to the job seeker. The matching process not only considers a candidate’s skills and professional background, but also their values, personality, working style and environment and ambition, which ensures a much better fit between companies and candidates compared to traditional recruitment solutions.

What benefits does Jobgether provide to Lano Customers

Lano customers get 20% off the Jogbether Flex Package via our partnership.

Jobgether provides the following benefits:

  1. Remote employer branding

  2. International traffic 

  3. ATS Integration

To learn more about working with Jobgether and Lano, reach out to your Account Manager.

Why work with Jobgether?

Jobgether helps employers to become more visible worldwide. Each brand has access to building its employer's profile and calculating its “flexibility” score. Thanks to the unique setup, Jobgether attracts the best talent from desired locations of the employer, making it the revolutionary remote job platform.

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