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Integrate Lano with Kombo to build custom integrations with Lano's API

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Build custom integrations for your stack using Lano's API and Kombo's Unified API.

See Lano and Kombo in action

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About Kombo

Kombo empowers companies to integrate with any tool via a Unified API. The Kombo integration makes adding and maintaining your Lano integration incredibly simple with a Unified API for HRIS/payroll and ATS platforms.

Using Kombo and Lano

Kombo allows teams to maintain integrations to their entire HR and Payroll stack via a Unified API that normalizes the data synced with Lano's API

Kombo lets you integrate your app(s) with Lano quickly, and automate all relevant data using Lano's RESTful API.

Please note: Working with Kombo requires you to have access to Lano's API. To work with Lano and Kombo, get in touch with your Lano account manager. This integration can be personalized based on your company’s needs.

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