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Remote work


Low gender inequality, great career opportunities and generous maternity leave policies. These countries offer women the best work opportunities.

Laura Bohrer


Top 10 employee retention strategies

A comprehensive retention strategy will include employee engagement, training opportunities, and clear career paths for employees. Read more on how to retain top talent.

Sandra Redlich


The Complete Employee Offboarding Checklist

Learn what employee offboarding means and why it is as important as onboarding. Get best practices for offboarding and read our ultimate employee offboarding checklist.

Sandra Redlich


Sourcing and Recruiting Talent with In-House Recruiters, Agencies or Embedded Talent Teams?

As a company matures, there comes the need for transition from network hiring, to building a scalable talent function capable of bringing top talent into the business.

Guest post from Kandidate


Life at Lano: Team, culture and values

In this blog, we deep-dive into each one of our core values to show you how we live these values in our day-to-day work and what it’s like to be part of the Lano team.

Laura Bohrer


Relocating as a remote worker: Countries with free healthcare

Free healthcare is an important aspect to consider when choosing a country to relocate to. In this article we show you in which countries you get free healthcare?

Laura Bohrer


Employer of Record vs. Staffing Agency - What are the differences?

An Employer of Record and a Staffing Agency are two very different employment services. Here are the key differences and pros and cons at a glance.

Laura Bohrer


Employee wellbeing: How to improve work-life balance in remote teams

Employee well-being and work-life balance are important to the bottom line as employers look to increase employee happiness within their organization and ensure remote employees have a healthy work-life balance.

Laura Bohrer


Relocating while working remotely: Everything you need to know

Thinking about relocation while working remotely? Great! Before you take the plunge, read about what to consider when moving while working remotely.

Laura Bohrer


Which remote work tools do globally distributed teams need?

Remote work success is mainly a question of providing your team with the right tools. But which remote work tools does your team really need?

Laura Bohrer


Remote Leadership: 11 top tips for managing remote teams

What are the biggest challenges in leading remote teams, what does it take to be a good remote leader, and how can you best master remote leadership?

Laura Bohrer


Top 7 best countries for women to work in 2022

Low gender inequality, great career opportunities and generous maternity leave policies. These countries offer women the best work opportunities.

Laura Bohrer


Time tracking: Where employers need to record working hours

Time tracking laws differ around the world. Here is an overview of the most important time recording rules for organizations with global teams.

Laura Bohrer


Getting hired through an Employer of Record: What employees need to know

With an Employer of Record (EOR), businesses can hire remote employees wherever they want. But there are many questions your employees may have.

Laura Bohrer


The right to disconnect: Where are remote employees allowed to go offline?

The right to disconnect is supposed to reduce stress and burnout among employees. But which countries have introduced a right to disconnect?

Laura Bohrer


13 proven ways to keep remote teams engaged

High employee engagement leads to better performance, lower employee turnover, higher service quality, and ultimately enhances company success.

Laura Bohrer


Equal pay for equal work: How to achieve pay equity in remote teams

Equal pay for equal work is a hot topic at the moment. But how can businesses make it a reality with a globally distributed team?

Laura Bohrer


Women in remote work: Does teleworking increase gender inequality?

The correlation between teleworking and gender equality must be evaluated critically. But what is the real impact of remote work on women? And what does it mean for HR and business leaders?

Laura Bohrer


Remote-first vs. remote-friendly: What’s the difference?

Remote work is the new normal. Remote-first and remote-friendly are two different remote work models. But what’s the difference between them?

Laura Bohrer


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