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Everything you need to know about Global Payroll


Many businesses face the challenges of multi-country payroll. Read here what the advantages of a global payroll platform are.

Laura Bohrer


Ethical hiring: Why it matters and how to make it happen

In order to avoid discrimination in recruitment, organizations need to establish ethical hiring practices. But how can businesses put ethical hiring into practice?

Laura Bohrer


Self-hosted vs. cloud-based payroll - What are the differences and advantages?

Why move payroll to the cloud? Read on as we discuss the differences between self-hosted and cloud-based payroll and highlight advantages and drawbacks. 

Laura Bohrer


How to hire for team fit at a remote organization

When hiring new employees, it’s not just about skills, but also about building a strong team. But how does hiring for team fit in distributed teams work?

Laura Bohrer


Payroll Security: How to make your payroll systems more secure

In the age of data breaches and cyber attacks, keeping employee data safe is more important than ever. Here is how to improve your payroll security.

Laura Bohrer


Calculating, deducting, paying - How long does it take to process payroll?

Employee well-being and work-life balance are important to the bottom line as employers look to increase employee happiness within their organization and ensure remote employees have a healthy work-life balance.

Laura Bohrer


Strategic workforce planning: The complete guide

In order to align their hiring practices with the overall business goals, companies need a clear strategy. The key to get there is strategic workforce planning.

Laura Bohrer


Accrued payroll: What it is and why and how you should track it

You’ve probably come across the term “accrued payroll” or “payroll accrual”. But what does accrued payroll actually mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

Laura Bohrer


Payroll costs: How to reduce your global payroll expenses

Global expansion can cause payroll expenses to skyrocket. Here are 9 tips on how businesses can reduce their payroll costs.

Laura Bohrer


Offering employees a payroll advance: What employers should know

Payroll advances are a helpful means to ensure your employees’ financial well-being. But do you know how to handle paycheck advances the right way?

Laura Bohrer


Strategic payroll: The importance of payroll for business strategy

Payroll is more than just an operational business function. Read here how you can leverage payroll for your business strategy.

Laura Bohrer


How to pay employees: Alternative pay methods for remote teams

Global businesses can’t rely on direct deposit alone to pay their employees. Here is an overview of alternative pay methods for remote teams.

Laura Bohrer


Payroll integration: Benefits of integrating HR and payroll software

Many businesses operate with stand-alone systems for HR and payroll. We tell you why you should consider integrating HR and payroll software.

Laura Bohrer


Everything you need to know about SWIFT payments

What is SWIFT and how does it work? We answer all your questions regarding the SWIFT banking system.

Laura Bohrer


Global payroll and GDPR compliance: What international organizations should know and do

GDPR has a major impact on payroll. Learn how GDPR affects your payroll processes and what you need to do to ensure GDPR compliance for your global payroll operations.

Laura Bohrer


12 things to consider when choosing a global payroll solution

Global payroll solutions resolve many of the problems linked to running a multi-country payroll. But how to know which solution is the best one?

Laura Bohrer


Digital wallets and global payments: Everything you need to know

Digital wallets are a great way to make international payments faster and less expensive. Want to know how? Read on and we’ll tell you all about it!

Laura Bohrer


11 Global Payroll Challenges & how to solve them

What global payroll challenges are multinational and rapidly growing organizations facing? And more important: How can they be solved?

Laura Bohrer


Pay your employees in Bitcoin

Being paid in Bitcoin (partly or in full) is in popular demand. Read how to implement a Bitcoin Payroll programme to pay your employees in Bitcoin.

Linda Stark


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