Success Stories

#23 - Success Stories: Fernando D’Imperio






Having this forced structure due to time zones is very good, because when you need to create stuff and put efforts on something, you can do it without interruption – which is amazing.
Fernando D’Imperio

Data Engineer at Lano

About Fernando

Fernando D’Imperio is a data engineer living and working in São Paulo, Brazil. Fernando has a degree in environmental engineering and an MBA in Business Analytics and Big Data. Previously at Monsanto and SumUp—as well as running his own electronic waste recycling company—Fernando is honing his profound curiosity, problem solving skills and passion for data by working remotely (and loving it) as a Data Engineer for Lano. 

Success Stories: Fernando D’Imperio

Welcome to another episode of The State Of Work’s Success Stories, our fortnightly podcast where Maddie chats to individuals about their experiences working remotely or in distributed teams. Joining us this week is one of our own—Fernando D’Imperio—who works remotely from Brazil as a data engineer for Lano. Maddie chats to Fernando about working in Lano’s globally distributed team, his journey to data engineering, the benefits and challenges of remote onboarding, and how he makes the most of his work time when dealing with (mostly) European timezones.


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