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Hire and manage your global team with ease

Don’t let legal restrictions and geographic boundaries stop you from hiring employees abroad. With Lano, you can hire top talent in 150+ countries in record time without setting up a legal entity.

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The challenges of building and managing a global team

Remote work has removed geographical boundaries in recruiting and employment. While businesses can now tap into a global talent pool, HR & People Ops teams face a whole new set of challenges. From interviewing job candidates to onboarding and training new recruits, everything has to be done remotely. 

What’s more, fostering employee engagement, creating a strong company culture and administering employee benefits is much more complicated when the team is spread all over the world. Foreign employment laws, tax requirements and payroll regulations only add to the pressure, as does the fact that processes still need to be fast and efficient.

Hire faster than ever before

Once you find the right talent, it’s crucial to be fast in order not to lose the candidate. Don’t waste time and money on setting up a local legal entity and hire through one of our trusted Employer of Record partners instead.

Hire new employees in 150+ countries in days

No need to set up a local entity

Automate processes for maximum speed

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Operate everywhere in full flexibility

Managing a globally distributed team requires maximum flexibility. Our global workforce management solutions allow you to react quickly in case of unforeseen events and to change strategy whenever you need to.

Retain employees even if they relocate

Easily convert freelancers to full-time employees

Have employee dismissal handled by experts

Ensure compliance for all employment types

Hiring employees and contractors abroad means having to comply with different labor laws. With our global compliance solutions, HR teams don’t need to worry about the legal side of employment anymore and can offload their admin burdon onto us.

Compliant freelance and employment contracts

Full compliance with local labor, tax and payroll laws

All your compliance-related documents in one platform

Manage your global team via one platform

Working with remote employees and contractors is a central part of running global operations. With Lano, you can conveniently manage your entire global workforce via one smart platform and save valuable time on administrative tasks.

Approve and pay invoices with one click

Store all employment documents in one place

Easily review payroll for all your employees

Provide a great employee experience

The hiring and onboarding process marks the beginning of the employee journey. Make sure to give new recruits the best possible start by hiring them through one of our experienced Employer of Record partners.

Streamlined hiring and onboarding processes

Offer self-service functions for employees

Localized contracts and benefits packages

More flexibility and freedom for global teams

Build the best team on the planet

Hire top talent in 150+ countries in record time and provide your new team members with a first-class employee experience.

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  • Verified Partner since 2021

  • 4.9/5 on Capterra

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