✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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✨ NEW: Have multiple entities? Manage payroll for every country in one place

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Lano is the Papaya Global alternative for payroll & employment

Build and manage the global team you need in over 170 countries. Whether it be employment, payroll, or payments, Lano can support your needs with ease.

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Lano vs. Papaya Global:

What Lano brings to the table

One Platform

Hire remote full time employees, run payroll, and pay employees in over 170 countries with Lano. 

Personal Support

Put compliance at the forefront with dedicated local support with rich employment knowledge.

Clear Timelines

Clear timeline expectations with simple onboarding processes to get your team up to speed quickly.

Verified Costs

Receive verified costs within 48 hours for a new hire via EOR with compliance considerations built in.

With a topic as complex as global employment, it is great to have a simple user experience that has everything and provides the support you need for such an important topic.

Grazia Mazzocca

Senior People and Culture Manager

Papaya Global does not

meet expectations for coverage and straightforward processes.

I find many aspects cumbersome. It is often confusing to navigate through the website and many times not all information fits in the screen. The user experience overall is not a good one.

Verified Capterra Review

It's just really painful when I check invoices since I go over each item, and there is usually a mistake the employer or Papaya made. So I really have to carefully check each invoice, which is a lot of work.

Verified Capterra Review

Some of the advanced tools it offers require additional payment. This can be a disadvantage for those users who need a cheaper solution. Also, the software can be difficult to use for inexperienced users.

Verified Capterra Review

Limited locations. I wish that they had more locations in the Middle east.

Verified Capterra Review

How we compare

How can Lano help me scale globally?

Lano enables your team to hire, manage and scale your team in over 170 countries.

With one of the most expansive global coverage, Lano makes it easy for teams to scale their remote teams globally.

Teams can hire new employees remotely, manage payroll and make payments all via the Lano platform. We help make sure that you remain compliant while scaling your team as seamlessly as possible. 

How much does it cost to hire full time employees with Lano?

Lano brings you dedicated service at a reasonable cost.

Lano's pricing begins at 550 EUR per employee per month, with dedicated support, whilst remaining one of the most competitive options available.

We offer reduced rates for companies with a high volume of EOR Employees with Lano and offer special pricing for Startups and Nonprofits. Talk to your Lano Account Manager to receive more information on this offer.

How does Lano enable global payroll and payments?

Lano enables you to hire globally, run payroll, and pay employees all in one platform.

Lano does more than just offer global employment capabilities. We help streamline your global payroll approaches to a single system via our Payroll Consolidation offering.

Use your existing payroll providers or choose one of the vetted Lano payroll partners and bring them together in a single platform for better oversight and streamlined processes.

Manage your global payroll and initiate global payments with payments in 60+ currencies all from within the single Lano platform.

How does Lano offer Employer of Record Services?

We work with a global network of local partners to provide you with compliant global coverage.

By partnering with experts in their fields and countries, we ensure that you receive the best service possible. Our vetted partners have experience providing high quality Employer of Record (EOR) services in a particular country.

We remove the headaches of learning the specifics of hiring in a new country and ensure that it gets done right the first time. Your team will have a single point of contact at Lano who will help you manage your growing global team and keep your processes running swiftly as possible. 

How does Lano support employees hired via Lano?

We want to help you provide a consistently high quality experience to all of your employees.

That’s why we provide our EOR employees with a local contact who can support them on all topics related to being employed in their country of work. They can support filing for parental leave, ensuring taxes are filed properly, and any other day to day HR topics which are relevant to the employee.

Because every country has unique regulations, it is critical that they have access to current expertise on the topic, giving the employee greater peace of mind.

How does Lano approach support for its clients?

We want to help make global expansion as seamless as possible.

Lano is there for you at every step of the way. Your dedicated Lano Account Manager will help you build a long term strategy for global expansion. We can help you build your global team compliantly today while thinking ahead to your future growth goals.

Whether it’s testing new markets, or retaining employees who wish to move abroad, Lano can help you build a global team, manage the payroll, and make payments to the team.

How long does it take to hire a candidate with Lano?

Hiring a candidate abroad with Lano can be as fast as two weeks.

Once you have requested the quote on the Lano platform, you will receive a detailed, verified cost breakdown within 48 hours of your request.

After the costs and contract details have been accepted, our teams can move quickly to make sure the new employee can begin as soon as possible. In the case of Myota, their candidate was able to begin two weeks after signing up with Lano.  

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