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Learn how to access your invoices on the Lano platform

Invoicing is a crucial part of your business. Although it might be a time-consuming and laborious process, it is essential to the proper operation of your company. 

Your Lano portal is a user-friendly platform that allows you to manage your invoices and payments in one place.

Please note: If you have no invoices this page will be blank.

When you log in to the portal, you can access your list of invoices and see the type, status, due date, and amount of each invoice. You can also view a preview or download the file from your drive. This makes keeping track of your invoices and ensuring that you have all the necessary information simple and straightforward.

One of the key features of this is the ability to view invoices per employee. This means that you can see all of the invoices that have been created for a specific employee, rather than having to browse through a lengthy list of invoices for all employees.

You can now reach our billing team by emailing if you have any questions or concerns regarding your invoice and we will make sure to support you on your request.

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